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Menu label


DTrack data port

The output port for DTrack to stream ART tracking data. Make sure this correctly adjusted in DTrack.

Body ID

ID of the headset rigid body in DTrack. The counting for this ID starts from 1, same as the local DTrack IDs.

Up Axis

Definition of the headset axis setup to accomodate either Y-up or Z-up coordinate systems as define in DTrack.

Right Axis

See above.

SteamVR Data Port

Communication port with SteamVR. This setting is not used at the moment.

Additional Settings

Allows input of some additional settings which may be useful. In particular a workaround for buggy position tracking in Varjo Base versions earlier than 3.10, can be enabled in LPVR versions from 4.8.0 by entering “patchPositionBug=true” in this field.

If your configuration was successful and DTrack is tracking. You should now be able to use headset tracking in Varjo Base, SteamVR or any SteamVR application.