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  • Insert the LPVR dongle into a free USB port of your computer.

  • Quit SteamVR in case it is running.

Driver Installation

  • Unpack the driver ZIP file to a directory.  It contains the SteamVR driver in the sub-directory alighthouse (named so for technical reasons).  

  • Copy the alighthouse folder into the SteamVR driver directory. Typically, it's located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers

  • Insert the LPVR dongle into a free USB slot port of your PC. If the dongle is not inserted, the driver will not start, and an error message will be displayed. 

NOTE: If you are using the LPVR trial version, you can use the application for a limited duration without having a dongle. To activate the trial, run haspdinst.exe -i that was distributed with your LPVR package from the command line.

  • Restart SteamVR.

NOTE: Pointing your browser to http://localhost:8998/console/index.html (SteamVR versions from Nov 2019: http://localhost:27062/console/index.html) will show you the log output of the SteamVR server. There should be several messages sent by alighthouse.  If the messages are sent by lighthouse instead, please check for an error from alighthouse near the top.

  • Once the driver has successfully loaded, you can try to connect to http://localhost:7118/index.html in your web browser.  The driver will allow you to enter a configuration in JSON format there.  Also, if you put on your headset it should track your head’s orientation even if you didn't configure any position tracking.

  • Driver removal - Erase the alighthouse folder from driver directorycomputer.

  • Quit SteamVR in case it is running.

  • Unzip the archive you downloaded and run the LPVR-CAD installer. The figure below shows the output of the installer after successful completion.


  • Once the driver has finished installing it should automatically start SteamVR. SteamVR should now display the LPVR status icons.

System Calibration

Refer to the LPVR-DUO system calibration manual.