LPMS-IG1 Mode Switching and Firmware Upload

Switching LPMS-IG1 to USBXpress mode

LPMS-IG1 can operate in two different connection modes, VCP (virtual COM port) and USBXpress modes. The sensor is in VCP mode by default and will show up on your system as virtual serial port that you can communicate with like a normal COM port. Should you need to switch to USBXpress mode, a proprietary communication mode of the SiLabs IC on our IG1 sensor, please follow the instructions below. Please do this in case you are using our LPVR-DUO, LPVR-POS or FusionHub applications.

  • Download LpmsControl 2 from here and install it.

  • Connect your two LPMS-IG1P to your computer and start LpmsControl 2.

  • In LpmsControl 2 select one of the LPMS-IG1 sensors and connect to it.

  • In case the sensor is in VCP (virtual COM port) mode as shown below, click on Convert to switch the sensor to USBxpress mode. This is required for communication with LPVR-POS.

  • After converting the sensor to USBxpress mode it should be displayed as such.

  • The image below shows typical output from LPMS-IG1 after connecting.

Firmware upload

Should you need to upgrade the firmware of your sensor please follow the steps below. Please make sure that you confirm with us which firmware to use with us first. Uploading the wrong firmware to your sensor might brick the unit.

  • Connect to the sensor you would like to update

  • Select Upload Firmware from the Advanced menu


  • Select the firmware file you’d like to upload. Make sure to select the correct file and that you are connected correctly to an LPMS-IG1P sensor.

  • A dialog will show the upload progress.

  • Once the upload is complete the following dialog will be displayed.

  • Repeat this procedure with your second LPMS-IG1P.

  • Both LPMS-IG1P should now run on the RTK-GPS firmware. You can proceed to connecting to them using Fusion Hub