How to update LPMS firmware using LpmsControl 1

Note: This documentation only applies to series 2 LPMS sensors (LPMS-B2 etc.)

  • If you haven’t done so yet, download and install LpmsControl: (Win32)

  • Start LpmsControl (Start menu → OpenMAT → LpmsControl)

  • Connect to sensor

  • Save a copy of the calibration parameters as a backup just incase LpmsControl fails to auto reload the parameters after firmware upgrade:

  • Select Upload Firmware in Advanced menu

  • When prompted click Yes

  • Select firmware file

  • Wait for firmware download to finish

  • After the download has finished, the sensor should reconnect automatically and stream data. Make sure to readjust your parameter settings as they might have been reset to default values after the update.

  • It is recommended to do factory reset to reinitialize all registers to a known state. It is also recommended to perform a gyro static calibration after firmware update: