Using LPMS IMUs with ROS

ROS melodic includes the openzen_sensor package which allows you to talk to our sensors using our OpenZen library.

Old stuff below, in case a web search sends you here or if you're stuck on old versions of ROS.

Update 2: There is also the OpenZen ROS driver now:

Update: we have prepared a detailed blog post, which includes a step-by-step walkthrough on Ubuntu Linux.

Users of ROS, the Robot Operating System,, who want to use LP-Research IMUs in their ROS projects can use a driver provided by the Larics laboratory of the University of Zagreb in Croatia.  It uses the LpSensor library to poll the IMU. The accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer readouts are then provided using ROS's standard sensor_msgs::Imu and sensor_msgs::MagneticField messages.

The source for the driver can be found here: In order to use it, you will also need another project by the same group, which can (optionally) synchronize the timestamps provided by the sensor to the ROS clock. Please find it here:

Have fun, and thanks to the Larics group for their work.