VIVE Pro HMD Marker Holder Assembly

This tutorial applies to an older version (pre-2022) LPVR marker holder set from LP-Research. If you received your targets from the maker of your optical tracking system, please refer to their documentation for assembly instructions. Our software fully supports all available targets.

HMD Holder

  • Remove the small hex-key screws at the top and bottom of the VIVE Pro. The screws are hidden beneath small black plastic covers that need to be removed.

  • Slide the holder over the headset with the protruding pieces on the inside of the holder locking into the now empty screw holes of the VIVE Pro.

  • Use the small hex key screws delivered with the holder to fix the holder to the headset.

  • Attach the LPMS-CU2 IMU to the holder using the supplied M3 screws.

  • Plug the micro USB cable into the IMU, fix it to the cable guide on the holder and plug the other side into the USB-C port of the VIVE.

  • To acces the VIVE Pro USB-C port, remove the foam cover on the inside of the VIVE.

  • Remove the plastic protector.

  • Plug the USB cable into the port under the cover you just removed.

  • Reattach cover and foam protector (Image credit: HTC).

Optical Tracking Marker Attachment

  • One marker should be inserted in one of the four pods in the top corners using a 50mm rod. This ensures visibility from behind. All other markers can use shorter screws. 

  • One marker each should be attached on the far ends on each side to define the horizontal axis of the solid body. 

  • The remaining two markers are distributed over the attachment pods on the front to ensure different combinations for different headsets. 

  • While screwing the screws into the pods, make sure that you stay in the correct direction to ensure maximal stability post-assembly. See the completely assembled HMD below.