Predefined Optical Target Configurations

This documentation applies for users of LPVR with ART tracking. If you are using Optitrack, please refer to this page for manual calibration instructions.

Besides the pre-defined marker files we also offer an automatic calibration procedure that you can use to create your own body file. Please see here for instructions.


On this page we show a number of predefined marker setups for optical marker target. These files have been created using our automatic calibration algorithm or data from the manufacturer and are a very close approximation of an ideal configuration.

For each setup we provide a corresponding body calibration file that can be loaded into ART DTrack. After loading the file, please do a re-calibration (using the recalibration functionality of DTrack’s body setup dialog). The body should now be accurately adjusted to provide a perfectly realistic VR impression to the user.

  • Load body calibration file and start re-calibration.

  • Move target in front of ART cameras to perform body calibration.

  • The resulting calibration will be very close to the original body file while accommodating for any slight shifts of the marker arrangement from the base configuration.

ART Marker Targets for VIVE Pro

Target 2

Target 3

Target 4

Target 5

ART Marker Targets for Varjo XR-3

Target 1

Target 3

Tokiwa Marker Target for Varjo XR-3

Target 1

Former LP-Research Marker Target (pre-2022) for VIVE Pro

HMD Marker Arrangement

Configuration File

5 74.2739 99.1553 -2.5544 -80.4944 70.9935 -54.8172 79.6265 72.6489 -53.4303 38.9542 134.404 -70.6349 -36.2457 109.349 2.17033 # Description HMD

Download link: Arrangement_1_VivePro_BodyFile.txt

Hand Controller Marker Arrangement

Configuration File

5 42.1317 -53.4253 -114.761 -78.2796 49.1705 -16.3554 0.190853 -8.15061 -101.815 65.6643 53.8687 -32.7355 -39.6649 -14.8896 -101.99 # Description Controller

Download link: Arrangement_1_HandController_BodyFile.txt