Installing LPMS-IG1 for LPVR-DUO

Connection verification

  • Connect the LPMS-IG1 IMU to a USB port of your VR PC using the 2m cable provided with your LPVR-DUO set.

  • Download the LpmsControl 2 (formerly IG1-Control) software installer from this location and run it.

  • Start LpmsControl 2 (in the image IG1-Control, but same GUI), switch LPMS-IG1 to USBxpress mode and test connection as shown below.

  • Disconnect LpmsControl 2 and close the application.

NOTE: Further information about LPMS-IG1 and IG1-Control is located here.

If the default driver installation doesn’t work

There is an issue with some computers, especially specific Windows versions for some reason, and the IG1 USB chip (by a company called SiLabs) driver.
Use this updated SiLabs driver installer:
The driver executable is "USBXpressInstaller_x64.exe".

After the installation make sure to restart the computer.