LPVR Release Notes

Release Notes for 4.9.0

  • Add support for 4.9.0

  • fix issue with stale gyro bias calibrations

  • rework internal structure

Release Notes for 4.8.2

  • Improve controller performance when using Vicon tracking

Releases Notes for 4.8.1

  • Fix bug with saving configuration in some LPVR-DUO-Varjo installations

  • Streamline some default configurations

Release Notes for 4.8.0

  • rework GUI, now uses several pages

  • workaround for eye position bug in Varjo Base <3.10, adapt defaults to 3.10

  • improve autocalibration settings for Varjo Aero IMU

  • include version number in installer, uninstaller

  • improved compiler flags to yield smaller binary

  • avoid buffering with IMU in VCP mode

  • restructure installation layout

Notes on the eye position bug in older versions of Varjo Base:

Varjo Base prior to version 3.10 misapplied a transformation to the user’s eye point, leading to suboptimal performance. The eye point would fluctuate approximately 15mm about the correct position. LPVR defaults to perform correctly with versions of Varjo Base past 3.10 that include the fix, but it can accommodate versions of Varjo Base with the bug as well. To do so, please open the Varjo Base configuration GUI on the System tab and then add patchPositionBug=true in the field labelled Additional Settings followed by clicking the “Submit” button. The setting will be remembered.

Change Log for 4.7.2

  • Changed fallback GUI for LPVR-CAD-Varjo to use JSON editor

  • Fix time offsets for OptiTrack plugin, rewrite plugin loading

  • Fix issues with rotations in proxy setups

  • Improve recovery from controller IMU dropouts

  • Install VCP driver, only install drivers for DUO versions

  • GUI fix for duo configuration

Change Log for 4.7.1

  • Add inverse calibration to GUI

  • Make matching restartable again

  • Improve some display texts in LPVR-DUO-Varjo

  • Robustify SteamVR device parameter reading code

Change Log for 4.7.0

  • Improve pose proxy, avoid data loss

  • Add facility for data recording

  • Add GUI configuration for LPVR-DUO

  • improved status display in GUI

  • default to ignoreGravity from CombinerDifferentialImu

  • Update NatNet SDK to 4.0.0

  • guard against invalid UTF-8 issued by OptiTrack on non-English locales

  • support LPMS sensors in VCP mode

  • allow builds with OpenZen network streaming

  • improve handling and avoidance of SteamVR room calibration

  • search for LPVR-CAD-VARJO configuration in %ProgramData%/Varjo/VarjoTracking/Plugins/LP-Research/configuration/settings.json
    to facilitate sharing the config between users

  • improve startup in ignoreGravity mode (jump to optical pose in most cases)

Change Log for 4.6.5

  • fix Varjo GUI room orientation checks

Change Log for 4.6.4

  • update Vue version to 2.6.14

  • autodetect available controllers

Change Log for 4.6.3

  • gracefully handle corrupted data files for Pimax, Varjo

  • update default DUO config for IMU holder

Change Log for 4.6.2

  • rework time handling

  • fix potential threading issue in status update

  • installer work

Change Log for 4.6.1

  • integrate LPVR-CAD and LPVR-DUO builds

  • add intercalibration input for OptiTrack

  • update OpenZen version

Change Log for 4.6.0

  • automatic detection of SteamVR IMU orientation

  • fix broken pimax controller driver IMU readout

  • add input field for additional settings of LPVR-CAD Varjo

  • fix potential error in pose prediction code (uninitialized read)

  • resetting multicast group in Varjo GUI fixed

  • improve startup pose in SteamVR if no optical tracking

  • use UTF-8 environment on Windows

  • improve relocatability for custom SteamVR setups

No ChangeLog kept before 4.6.0